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At Leo Locksmiths, based in Essex, we specialise in providing comprehensive van security solutions to protect your valuable assets. Our range of van locks and security products ensures that your vehicle remains secure, giving you peace of mind wherever you go.

Leo Locksmiths are dedicated to providing the best van security solutions in Essex. Contact us today on 07742 870871 to find out how we can help secure your van with our wide range of products and services. Your security is our priority.

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We provide Van Security services in Essex to the following manufacturers

Deadlocks for Vans Essex

Deadlocks offer an additional layer of security for your van by providing a mechanical locking system that operates independently of your vehicle’s central locking system. This makes it significantly harder for thieves to gain access.

Hook Locks Essex

Hook locks are an effective deterrent against forced entry. They provide a robust locking mechanism that hooks into a special keep, making it extremely difficult for the door to be pried open.

Armourshell Locks Essex

Our Armourshell locks offer advanced protection by encasing the lock mechanism in a hardened steel shell. This prevents drilling and other forms of tampering, ensuring your van stays secure.

Protect Plates

Protect Plates are designed to cover vulnerable areas around your van’s locks. They provide an additional barrier, making it more challenging for potential thieves to attack the locking mechanism.

OBD Port Protection

Protecting the OBD port in your van is crucial as it can be used to override the vehicle’s electronic system. Our OBD port protection solutions prevent unauthorized access to your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics.

Internal Latchshield Protection

Internal Latchshield Protection guards against attacks on the internal locking mechanism of your van. This additional layer of defense makes it harder for thieves to manipulate the locks from inside the vehicle.

CatLocks Essex

Catalytic converter theft is on the rise. Our CatLocks secure your catalytic converter, deterring thieves from stealing this valuable component.

Replocks for Ford Vans

Replocks are high-security replacement locks for Ford and Ford Transit vehicles. These locks are designed to replace the manufacturer’s standard locks with a more secure alternative, reducing the risk of theft.


Slamlocks automatically lock the door when closed, ensuring your van is always secure. This is ideal for delivery drivers who frequently open and close their van doors throughout the day.

Rhino Roof Bars

For added convenience and security, we offer Rhino Roof Bars, which provide a robust solution for transporting ladders and other equipment securely.

Door Keeper

Our Door Keeper solutions ensure that your van doors are firmly secured when closed, providing an additional layer of security and preventing forced entry.

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